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dashs-busy-dayDASH’S BUSY DAY

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Learn basic direction concepts and counting as Dash the dragonfly flies left, then right, and all around the pond seeing several other pond inhabitants along the way. Simple, brightly colored, engaging character checking out the environment in which it lives, counting as it goes.


For people like you and me, a pond is a small body of water usually sitting off to the side in someone’s back yard. But, to those that live there, especially if you’re someone like Dash, it’s as big as the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean. You know whatever ocean is near you. You don’t have an ocean? Okay, Lake Michigan.

Getting back to the story, Dash is a little guy, so his pond is very, very big! He isn’t your usual dragonfly. Noooo, no way does he spend his days hanging out in the reeds. He likes to keep himself busy. How, you might ask? By zipping here, zagging there, and even flying over there. No set routes for him; and each time, he has a little adventure as he introduces you to the pond’s other occupants. Seeing this world through the eyes of a Dragonfly is what makes this a UNIQUE read.


Dash’s Busy Day is a very humorous counting adventure for kids between the ages of one and eight. It also makes a great bedtime story. “The original illustrations were done in ink and watercolor and scanned into computer for final touch up and addition of text. 24 page picture book,” say Terrance M. Perrin as he gives us a small insight as to how this book was developed.

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terry-perrin-at-nightBIO  Terrance was born in Kansas with his school years split equally between there and California. First job was engraving trophies for a bowling supply house when he was 14. He enjoyed drawing when younger and poetry and photography in his mid to late teens, growing more creative in his early 30’s. Many work meeting note pads would have just as many doodles as notes on them. Terrance had spent most of his adult working days in manufacturing and construction, until departing from a career of 13 years in 2014 to pursue artwork and photography as a full time endeavor. He has wanted to try his hand at writing children’s books for as long as he can remember, in part because his creative father had always talked of doing that someday, and 2016 marks the year that he finally put pencil, ink and paint to paper. The result is Dash’s Busy Day. He resides in Colorado with his wife, dogs and finches. He is currently working on a video version of the book.