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Little Bear struggles to understand what it means when he is told he would no longer be able to see his Papa. He questions those around him as he tries to bring meaning to why his Papa is gone. Through his memories and dreams, Little Bear goes on a journey to realize his Papa will always be with him.


A little bear wants to see his father, but he doesn’t know where he is. His mother gently reminds him, that they can’t visit papa any longer because he’s in a place where none of them can be. This beautiful rhyming/illustrated story brought tears to my eyes. And answered all the questions In a good and gentle way. It is the most remarkable presentation of loss that I have every seen. 

The telling of the little bear’s story makes I Want to See My Papa a UNIQUE read. The subject makes it a SPECIAL NEEDS for any person going through this life altering experience.


I Want to See My Papa is recommended by the author for children. I disagree, I Want to See My Papa is recommended for All Ages.

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BIO – At a young age Angela relocated to Windsor, Nova Scotia from her birth place in Brampton, Ontario. Currently she lives in Halifax with her husband and three daughters – Mackenzie, Alexis, and Skylar, and two adorable but mischievous Yorkshire Terriers. 

A graduate from Dalhousie University, former Fashion Designer, and Executive Director of Atlantic Fashion Week, Angela was the 2016 Winner of the Women of Spirit Award, and was listed in Canadian Living Magazine as a Top 40 Change Maker.   “I wrote this story as a way to self-heal after losing my father at a young age. I hope it will help children going through similar devastating loses,” 






A children’s book about two different mental illnesses, depression and mania, Peter and Lisa makes it easier for children to understand these mental conditions. It is a story about two people affected with such illness and how they got better and recovered through the proper medication and necessary support by family and friends. Charles and Linda Baron Katz’s Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story manifests the true essence of love and support to aid us overcome every storm that may pass.


One moment you are happy, so happy that you’re dancing all around and having a bunch of fun. But, you’re also in danger because, you think you’re invincible (that means, you think you can do anything maybe even fly) The next moment, you’re sad. Very, very sad. You lay around doing absolutely nothing except maybe cry. Sometimes you want to—

These are some of the things a person who has bipolar disorder experience. Imagine what that must feel like if you are ten years old and the person acting that way is your parent. Peter and Lisa is a picture book for children which discusses two mental illnesses bipolar and depression.

Peter and Lisa is a well written SPECIAL NEEDS read that shows the two illnesses in great detail, thus providing children with the information they need to understand and live with a person who has a mental illness. Yet, it was clear that a child could not handle a parent on their own by providing a support system for the parent.


Peter and Lisa is recommended for All Ages.

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charleslinda-katzBIO   Linda Baron Katz, co-author with husband, Charles Katz, of Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story, raised in the Jewish faith, suffer from mental illness. Charles was diagnosed with depression and Linda with bipolar disorder as young adults. Both of them went through many difficult challenges they had to face as a result of their mental illnesses and struggled hard to reach recovery. Since then, Charles and Linda have been committed to the cause of educating the community about mental illness. Linda Baron Katz also known as Linda Naomi Katz, is also the author of her first book, Surviving Mental Illness, My Story. You can also find the book on Amazon.

Charles and Linda unable to have children of their own, decided through their writing, they could show how important it is for parents and children to understand that with the right kind of help mental illness can be treated and people can live normal, healthy, happy lives. When children read Peter and Lisa, it will brighten their eyes to a whole new level of education that they have yet to experience.