Thank you for visiting A Different Kind of Read. We all want our children to become magnificent readers, but this isn’t always easy when the characters in the books being made available to us don’t have our characteristics. As children, we want to please you and we read whatever you give us because you thought we should. Some of us flourish and become fluent readers. On the other hand, some of us rebel and by the age of seven, we are labeled as underdeveloped readers.


If you have an avid reader, you’ve done a fantastic job. For those of you, like me, we have to take a different approach to getting our children to read:


a) One thing you can do is take your child to the library and let them pick out whatever book(s) they want without your influence or persuasion. I know, it’s hard, but when I did this, I was surprised that my son chose science books. I had to bite my tongue several times to keep from guiding him towards the classics or the books that were popular at the time. For a while I thought he was an alien. However, when he read one hundred books that year, and tested at a twelfth grade level in the fifth grade, all I could do was smile.


b) Another thing you can do is let your child read comic books, Mad Magazine or gaming magazines, etc., if that is their desire. The objective is to get them reading and those types of books have enough of a word assortment for them to become avid readers..


c) The last thing you can do is have those books that you have found to be A DIFFERENT KIND OF READ listed on Barbara’s Book Review Page also know as my blog page. Send your request to, and I will send an invitation to the author.


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Barbara J. Gipson