Review Policy

Currently, I am accepting fiction and non-fiction books of all genres (except Horror, Religion, and Erotica) and characters from all authors of Children’s and Young Adult Books. If your book falls into the categories of UNIQUE, ETHNIC, or SPECIAL NEEDS it will be featured on this site as well as where you want the review to be posted. If it does not meet the above-mentioned criteria, it will be featured according to your site of preference, such as Amazon, Goodreads, etc.


I will not be rating books on this site. My purpose is to showcase books that are not usually recognized on other sites. Also, If you haven’t already noticed, my reviews are free. However, I do proofread. If there are too many errors, I will be returning your book without a review. If you’d like me to proofread your book, I will do so for a small fee. Please contact me for details.


Please submit your review request in accordance with the guidelines below:


Send a PDF, Word, or Pages Document along with a jpg of your book’s cover, a jpg of you and/or your illustrator, and a bio for each person.


I will also need a maximum two-paragraph summary of your book and the book’s identification as to where it can be purchased (I need the exact letters and numbers, not just the name of the vendor, like this: using your ten-digit ISBN or ASIN).


Please send these items by email to with REQUEST FOR BOOK REVIEW  in the subject line.


Thank you