Review Policy


Hello – Just so that you know me a little, I like to immerse myself into each and every book I read, so I read slowly. Unfortunately, I also proofread, check format, (including title and end pages) and edit as I go along. For this reason, and the fact that I have several books over 400 pages, my review schedule has gotten very, very, very long. If you don’t want me to proofread, make sure these common errors are not in your book:

  • alright for all right
  • lightening for lightning
  • if you can put up in front of onto, it is one word otherwise, it is two words
  • the first paragraph of each chapter is not indented (only the first)
  • all other paragraphs of a chapter should be indented but are not
  • your book is double spaced.

I am going to try something different this year, and read some of the shorter books while working on a long one. However, I cannot give you a specific date as to when I will be publishing my review. If you would prefer not to wait, please let me know.

I am accepting fiction books and non-fiction books that are no more than two-hundred and fifty pages. I will read any genre that is not Horror, Religion, Erotica, or Technical Science Fiction from all authors. If your book falls into the categories of UNIQUE, ETHNIC, or SPECIAL NEEDS it will be featured on this site as well as where you want the review to be posted. If it does not meet the above-mentioned criteria, it will be returned.

I will not be rating books on this site. My purpose is to showcase books that are not usually recognized on other sites. Also, If you haven’t already noticed, my reviews are free. 

As a rule, I read the first forty pages of any book before I make a decision to return it. There are many reasons that I may be returning your book without a review:

  • There is nothing different about your storyline and the masses of books out there.
  • There are diverse and/or special needs characters in your book, but they are mean, evil or stupid.
  • There is no definitive character description. They are described by their name.
  • Your book is mostly dialogue.
  • Your book describes the scene in detail but not the people involved.
  • Your book has no rhyme (which alludes to the rhythm and flow when read aloud).
  • It’s full of typing errors.  If I return a book for this reason, and you send it back to me I will be charging you fifty cents for the first two hundred pages and one dollar for every page thereafter.


Please submit your review request in accordance with the guidelines below:

Send a PDF Document (No Word, ePub or Mobi) along with a jpg of your book’s cover, a jpg of you and/or your illustrator, and a bio for each person.

I will also need a maximum two-paragraph summary of your book and the book’s identification as to where it can be purchased (I need the exact letters and numbers, not just the name of the vendor, like this: using your ten-digit ISBN or ASIN).

Please send these items by email to with REQUEST FOR BOOK REVIEW  in the subject line.





Thank you